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The Top Internet Search Engines

Updated: Feb 14

The battle to find the most relevant search for customers is always something on a businesses mind. Everyone wants to be in that number one spot to get customers to their website. So what are the top internet search engines that everyone uses? Here I will list six of them that have taken the internet by storm.

1. Google

Google has always been a giant when it comes to people's searches on the web. Almost 75 percent of the worlds searches are on google. Anyone can find almost anything they’re looking for on this search engine. From websites to specific items, there’s no one stopping this beautiful search engine conglomerate.

2. Ask has stood the test of time on the internet. This search engine allows users to submit a question and let people answer the question for them. Anyone can then search for this question and find the answer that really satisfies their need for knowledge. It is the perfect tool for someone looking for a quick answer.

3. Bing

Bing is often referred as the “cousin” of Google. Usually regarded as the second most used search engine, it has almost the same functionality as google. You can find images when you search for any item on the internet. Anyone can also access their ad feature too. It is great alternative to using Google.

4. Baidu

If you're looking for something a little more "Non-American," then Baidu may be right for you. It accounts for more that 80 percent of China's searches on the internet! Google only accounts for 61 percent when it comes to China's searches. Outside of China though, it is rarely used.

5. Yahoo

Yahoo has been around for a long time, Since 1995 in fact. Many searches are done on Yahoo every single day. About 340 million, which is not as impressive as the other search engines. But there's Yahoo answers if you do need them for something.

6. Supreme-Search

Supreme Search was started in 2007. This search engine protects your privacy and they offer free advertising services. They also give you the option to create your own Custom Search Engine using their API, which is a pretty cool tool!

Bonus: DuckDuckGo

Due to this search engines dedication to privacy for its users, this is definitely an honorable mention here. So there you have it. The top six internet search engines that are here. There are always plenty more than just these six, but go and check them out!


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